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Co-op/Internship FAQs


Can I do a co-op or internship in my program?

YES! All programs at EKU have a co-op or internship class option. Some programs require so many hours of credit and others have the experience as elective credit. Be sure to check with your academic advisor to clarify what your program requires.

If I’m not required to do a co-op/internship in my major, is there a benefit of doing one anyway?

Co-ops and internships are the best way to get real, hands-on experience in your field while still in school. After graduation, many “entry level” positions still require some previous experience. Completing a co-op or internship will allow you to confidently reply that, yes, you have the education AND experience they’re looking for!

When am I eligible to do a for-credit co-op/internship?

In most cases, if you meet the following criteria, you are eligible to register for a co-op/internship. Be sure to check with your department to see if there are any special additional requirements.

  • Have completed 30 credit hours and at least one full semester at EKU
  • Be in a declared major program
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA

Will my co-op/internship experience pay me?

Employers who hire interns are not required to pay them for the experience. However, many employers will pay their interns an hourly wage or stipend. You can always work with your employer to negotiate employment terms.

What is the difference between a Co-op and an Internship?

  1. A Co-op is a multiple semester commitment with progressive responsibilities, while an Internship could last just one semester.
  2. A Co-op must include at least one Fall or Spring semester, while Internships can be entirely done in the Summer.
  3. A Co-op must be paid, while an Internship can be paid or unpaid.

Who is my Faculty Coordinator?

Your Faculty Coordinator is a Professor in your Department who is responsible for approving your job description as relevant for your major, evaluating your assignments and giving you a grade. An updated list of Faculty Coordinators can be found here.

I want to do a Co-op/Internship but I don’t have a job opportunity to use for it.

Call the Office of Advising and Career Services at 859-622-1296, or come by our front desk to schedule a Co-op/Internship appointment.

I’m required to do a Co-op/Internship but I am not sure I want to stay in this major

Call the Office of Advising and Career Services at (859) 622-1296, or come by our front desk to schedule an appointment on “Choosing a Major/Career”.

How do I request university credit for my experience?

After securing your position in your internship and getting approval from your faculty coordinator, you can kick off the registration process by submitting an “Experience” through your Handshake account. Log in to your account by clicking on the “Student Handshake Login” at the top left corner of your screen. Or by clicking here:

Can I get credit for past work experiences? Can you make exceptions?

No. You can only get credit for the hours y ou have worked during your Co-op/Internship semester, or one week prior/after the semester. This grace period is extended to 3 weeks after the Fall semester and before the Spring semesters. If you want to discuss exceptions, you must talk to your Faculty Coordinator, who will possibly refer you to the Department Chair.

How do I know if I did everything correctly?

If you can see your attachments on your Experiences account then so can your coordinator. It is up to you to make sure that you have read and fully understand the directions and completed them accordingly. You can also see if you have submitted your evaluation. If you are unsure if your Job Supervisor has completed your evaluation, please follow up with them that they have completed it. If they haven’t received the email from Handshake, you should contact our office at

Why am I having difficulty with uploading documents or entering information?

This issue can generally be resolved by making sure you are following the directions as provided. In some cases, students have had difficulty in uploading documents or filling out information when they are at work and using their work computers or the company network. We cannot control the security features of your employer. Please try again on your phone (do not use the app for this specific issue, but a regular web browser), or your personal computer or network. If the issue persists, please screen shot the issue and contact us for assistance.

How long will it take to get registered?

The approval and registration process can take up to 3 weeks. Several factors can contribute to delays, such as not properly filling out all information requested, inputting incorrect information, and having holds on your account.

Do I have to do it again?

Yes. Each experience is a new class, therefore all assignments must be completed every semester.

I'm having trouble with Handshake

Call the Office of Advising and Career Services at (859) 622 1296, or come by our front desk.

Need more help?

Contact the Office of Advising and Career Services at (859) 622-1296 or email

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